the london book fair
18 – 20 April 2023

Charity of the Year

This year’s Charity of the Year is The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). Bringing books and creative literacy learning to millions of children and thousands of teachers and schools, we’re delighted to have CLPE as this year’s charity. 

CLPE is an independent charity dedicated to raising children's literacy achievement by putting quality literature at the heart of all learning.

The charity has an international reputation for providing excellent literacy training and resources for primary schools and working with schools to help them put books at the core of their teaching ensuring all children read and write for fun.

CLPE is a phenomenal charity with an impressive track record in improving the literacy of millions of children. Much has been said about how important a love of books from an early age is in determining later life outcomes, and the CLPE has proven itself to be instrumental in nurturing a love of books and reading in children over the past fifty years… Congratulations to CLPE, and we look forward to championing the charity’s incredible work at LBF in April 2022.

Andy Ventris
Director at The London Book Fair

For fifty years CLPE has worked to ensure that books and stories are put at the very heart of children’s literacy learning. We know how important it is that children get to experience the very best literature, in all its forms and how important it is that they see themselves in the stories, poems and pictures they read. We are beyond delighted to be LBF’s Charity of the Year and to have the opportunity to connect with the industry that literally shapes our work.

Louise Johns-Shepherd
CLPE’s Chief Executive

The London Book Fair