the london book fair
12 – 14 March 2024

Sustainability at The London Book Fair

The past few years have seen a growing consensus within the publishing industry of the need to turn words into action on sustainability. After looking at and listening to feedback from our previous shows, we have made a collaborative effort to make considerable changes to make LBF a greener event.

Sustainability Hub

In 2023 we introduced our new Sustainability Hub at LBF, with a stage devoted to raising awareness of the growing climate emergency and how the industry should best respond. We are delighted to be expanding the Sustainability Hub at LBF24. 

Reduce paper waste

In an effort to produce less paper waste, we have gotten rid of our printed programs. Attendees of LBF are now able to download our app which includes maps, schedules and everything needed to make their visit a productive one.

Reusing our signage

We have created non-dated signage at the fair, which means we can reuse our flags and banners year-on-year.

Recyclable badge holders and lanyards

All of the badge holders and lanyards provided by LBF are recyclable.

Water stations

We set refillable water bottle stations in and around Olympia, so that attendees can bring their own reusable bottles to fill.


We've created an Exhibitor Environmental Checklist for LBF exhibitors which includes helpful tips on how to lessen any environmental impact and make our event greener.

The RX Sustainability Pledge for Events

As a leading event organiser we bring whole industries together which can advance sustainability – playing a role in educating and influencing behaviour with a large number of stakeholders.

Our events have an impact, and we are committed to minimising those that are negative while continually seeking ways to positively contribute to sustainable development. 

Our approach is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, prioritising those where we can have the greatest impact and demonstrating leadership through programming and content across our events.

 Join us on our journey towards creating a lasting, sustainable impact on the events business.  The RX Roadmap to Net Zero sets out how we will reduce carbon emissions and waste at all our events along with supporting venues to make sustainable supplier choices and power our events with clean, renewable energy sources. It's going to take dedication and industry-wide collaboration, but we're ready!  

A message from RX

At RX, we are serious about sustainability. We are founding members of the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge to make our company, our shows and the wider events industry net zero. We commit to being Net Zero by 2040 and to make a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

In 2023 we will publish our pathway to net zero, setting out our reduction strategy with key milestones for all our shows. Given the complex nature of our supply chain and the emissions associated with a show, it is only by working together as an industry that we will be able to reduce our impact. We are building a company of net zero heroes to take action and ensure a sustainable future.

The London Book Fair 2022 – Event Sustainability Report


RXUK Sustainability

The UN Sustainable Development Goals


We want to ensure responsible consumption and production throughout the value chain of our events.  Our priorities include reducing waste and eliminating materials that cannot be reused or recycled. We are committed to working with our suppliers and exhibitors to ensure sustainability is considered at all stages of an event and seek to select suppliers and partners who demonstrate a responsible approach to managing their environmental impact. 

We are committed to reducing our contribution to climate change by reducing the carbon intensity of our operations and by working in partnership with venues, suppliers, exhibitors and delegates to better understand and achieve emissions reductions across our industry.

We will work with each of the industries we serve to provide content that supports their own priorities to decarbonsite their operations.


We believe that our events are important platforms for the industries we serve to visibly progress their goals of gender equality and the empowerment of all women. As the Organiser, we are committed to ensure each of our events has content, leadership and engagement to further gender equality.

Equality enables business progress. Different perspectives bring innovation, new ideas and greater discussion, leading to better decision-making and outcomes. Our events are platforms for the industries we serve to demonstrate where people feel valued, have equal opportunities and benefit from equality, regardless of their gender, gender identity, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability status. Through this we will reduce inequality within and across countries.


Our events have a role to play in promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. We are committed to supporting productive activities, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encouraging the formalisation and growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises through our face-to-face and digital platforms. We respect labour rights and work to provide a safe and secure work environment for all those involved in the delivery of our events.

We believe that our events have an important role to play in advancing understanding, debate and action across industries in support of the Goals. We are committed to inspiring action, fostering partnerships and demonstrating leadership through sustainability programming across our events.

The London Book Fair 2022 – Event Sustainability Report