the london book fair
18 – 20 April 2023

About The London Book Fair

Defining the future of creative content

At The London Book Fair, everyone belongs. We cultivate a culture of inclusion at all our events, where the very things that make each of us unique are celebrated.

Our exhibitors, attendees, partners and event colleagues are people from a wide variety of backgrounds, who make our shows stronger and our collective experience richer.

The hub of the publishing world

The London Book Fair is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels.

Staged annually, our in-person event typically welcomes more than 20,000 publishing professionals to London for the week of the fair to learn, network, and kick off their year of business.

A global marketplace

We want to bring colour to the world of words. Every year we curate a first-class fair to give you a multitude of opportunities in London, the global publishing centre.

Since 2004, our Market Focus initiative has helped create both commercial and cultural partnerships around the world. Each year, we put the spotlight on publishing trade links with the country or region being showcased.

This is your opportunity to connect with the best of the industry in one place, as we bring together publishing professionals from all corners of the globe. 

Our story - history of the fair

From very modest beginnings in the Berners Hotel near Oxford Street in 1971 as the Specialist Publishers’ Exhibition for Librarians, The London Book Fair – as it took the name in 1977 – has grown to be an essential part of the international book trade calendar.

Today, the entire international publishing industry is represented, from the giant houses we are familiar with to the smallest independents - the publishers of blockbuster novels and academic texts and the producers of children’s books and graphic novels.

To walk its floors is to experience knowledge and stories in all forms. It is impossible not to be captivated, fascinated and inspired.

Authors of the Day

The London Book Fair has a well-earned reputation for attracting world-class publishing talent. Our Authors of the Day and Illustrator of the Fair programme continues that tradition celebrating some of the most acclaimed and successful writers and illustrators working today. Welcoming them to our London fair, we provide a platform to showcase their work and celebrate their achievements.

The Hub

Home to industry and event-related news, insights, interviews and more – it’s a bookshelf of real page-turners. 


If you are involved with the creation, distribution, sale, or treatment of content, then there’s every reason to take part in our fair.


By becoming a part of LBF, you have the chance to set the tone for the publishing year ahead.