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  • Valentina Nazarova

    Company:   Read Russia

    • 5F140

    29, studied creative writing at Northampton University. She’s the author of three books of poetry. The Hidden Track is her debut novel. The first prin...


    Company:   Rideró

    • 1F49

    The problem of dating of biblical events was discussed by thousands of researchers throughout the Christian era. This book is an attempt to bring toge...

  • Valhalla by Alan Robert Clark

    Company:   Fairlight Books

    • 6F100

    May of Teck, only daughter of a noble family fallen from grace, has been selected to marry the troublesome Prince Eddy, heir to the British throne. Su...

  • Valiant Boys

    Company:   Grub Street Publishing Ltd

    • 6C104

    'This is a splendid book which supports the Valiant's groundbreaking place in aviation history.' - Airfix Model World

  • VAMPIRO I: The Night Crawler Protocol

    Company:   EC Publishing LLC

    • 1F51

  • VAMPIRO II: The Obsidian Knife

    Company:   EC Publishing LLC

    • 1F51

  • VANISHING KINGS - Lions of the Namib...

    Company:   Kodansha Europe Ltd.

    £35 Hardcover; French-folded jacket; isbn 978-0-9946924-6-7; 280 x 210mm; 360 pages all-colour; 250 colour, 59 b/w photographs, 18 maps, 37 charts and...

  • Vegan BBQ

    Company:   Grub Street Publishing Ltd

    • 6C104

    Over 80 recipes for vegan BBQ fans! If preparing a meat-free BBQ seems a challenge then look no further than the host of recipes in this gorgeous, mou...

  • Veganissimo

    Company:   Grub Street Publishing Ltd

    • 6C104

    Italian food is diverse, full of variety and above all designed for enjoyment. But it is also traditionally rich in products of animal origin. Vegani...

  • Vehicle shape board books

    Company:   DTagency

    • 4A20
    shared with The Polish Book Institute

    Book size: 130 x 190 mm Content: cover + 12 pages Binding: board book

  • Vénus Noire: Black Women and Colonial...

    Even though there were relatively few people of color in postrevolutionary France, images of and discussions about black women in particular appeared ...

  • Vera the Alien Hunter

    Company:   e-future Co., Ltd.

    • 1B12

    Vera the Alien Hunter is an exciting, award-winning series about Vera and her mysterious cat, Luca. Together they try to protect Earth from invading a...