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  • Face Value

    Company:   The Book Reality Experience

    • 1F52

    Winner of the Publishers Weekly, BookLife Prize for Fiction. Kara Wright and Tien Tran MC - Private Investigators - Former Intelligence Operators - v...

  • Fair Economics

    Company:   UIT Cambridge

    • 6E70
    shared with Independent Publishers Guild

  • Fair Isle Knitting by Monica Russel

    Company:   Search Press Limited

    • 6A31

    September 2019 - Fair Isle knitting has a timeless appeal, and is celebrated all over the world for its beautiful patterns and distinctive motifs. Usi...

  • Fairy Tale To Murder by Satin Maize

    Company:   Maple Leaf Publishing Inc.

    • 7G41

    ...tops the book lists with a story unbelievable for the natural mind to conceive!  An intelligent, educated woman who marries a business tycoon in a ...

  • Fairy Tale_Fairy

    Company:   TinyFolds

    • 1C58

    When you think of a fairy, what comes to your mind? These stories will help you find out about different kinds of fairies around the world.

  • Fairy Tale_Giant

    Company:   TinyFolds

    • 1C58

    Are giants nice? Or are they scary? Take a guess what happens if you run into them!

  • Fairy Tale_Prince & Princess

    Company:   TinyFolds

    • 1C58

    Packed full of fascinating pictures, this series features princess and princesses stories of all time. Dive into the world of fantasy and enjoy!

  • Fairy Tale_WHY

    Company:   TinyFolds

    • 1C58

    The bear has a stumpy tale, the crab has no head, the bean has a black line on its tummy, and the bee has only one sting. Do you know why? You can hav...

  • Fairy Tale_YUM YUM

    Company:   TinyFolds

    • 1C58

    Can you smell something delicious? Where is it from? Ah-ha, it's from the fairy tale series. Let us read thses delicious stories.

  • Fallible Justice by Laura Laakso

    Company:   Louise Walters Books

    • 6E70
    shared with Independent Publishers Guild

    The first in paranormal crime series Wilde Investigations. Yannia Wilde and her apprentice Karrion Feathering have just four days to prove a guilty ma...

  • Fantastic Boy: Xu Duoduo (Book 1 — 4)

    Company:   Shanghai Century Publishing Co.,Ltd.

    • 7J30

    Xu Duoduo is an ordinary boy like every child around us — quick-minded, always ready to help others, but at the same time, quite naughty, usually driv...

  • Fantastic Female Adventurers

    Fantastic Female Adventurers Fantastic Female Adventurers by Lily Dyu is a collection of fourteen exciting and inspirational stories about women exploring the world including Britain's first astronaut...

    Updated 2 months ago