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    Three things that best describe Latvia? Forests, rivers, and high-speed internet. We love picking mushrooms, going on boat trips and communicating, as long as it's via e-mail. Latvia is a nation of introverts. Riga, our capital, offers wonderful Art Nouveau buildings and traditional wooden architecture, as well as a rich cultural life. And we certainly know how to create literature, particularly when it comes to children's books, illustrations, poetry and historical novels.

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  • Facts and Figures

    The Republic of Latvia was founded in 1918 on the coast of the Baltic Sea, in a territory that has been home to the Latvian language and culture for thousands of years.

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    Latvian Book Market

    Publishing is considered the biggest creative industry in Latvia by turnover and number of employees. After Latvia regained independence in the early nineties, the publishing sector was the first to be privatized. New publishing houses were founded, and the number of new titles has increased annually since then.

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