• Estonia

    In Estonia, clean and untouched nature co-exists with the world’s most digitally advanced society. It is a place for independent minds with roots in our ancient history.

    We are connected with nature and mythology, manifested mostly in poetry but also in the prose and it is often mysterious and exciting.

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  • Facts and Figures

    Estonia is the most northerly of the three Baltic states, and has linguistic ties with Finland.

    Three facts about Estonia:

    • Estonia's capital Tallinn is the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe.
    • Estonia is almost 50% forest
    • Estonia has over 2000 islands

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    The Estonian Literature Centre (ELIC, Eesti Kirjanduse Teabekeskus) exists to generate interest in Estonian literature abroad. As well as being closely involved with translators, writers and publishers, ELIC also works in close partnership with embassies, cultural and academic institutes, other literature centres, libraries and universities both in Estonia and abroad. ELIC organizes literature events, translation seminars and workshops.

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