Truth and Lies – Academic Publishing in the Era of Fake News

Truth and Lies – Academic Publishing in the Era of Fake News

13 Mar 2019, 10:00 - 11:00

The Faculty

Fake news is having a profound psychological impact on our societies. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish factual information from propaganda, and the proliferation of social networks allows fake news to quickly become popular ‘fact’. The impact can be damaging and long-lasting, as we’ve seen in areas such as childhood vaccination.


This trend is now spilling over into academic publishing with challenging implications. How does a community that relies on rigour and accuracy preserve the integrity of information across academic literature while also championing innovation and access? How do we develop a robust, transparent system for ensuring quality, completely independent of third-party interests? Finding answers to these challenges is critical when much of the research we publish has influence over public policy and our daily lives. Each of our panellists will provide their own unique perspective on how the industry can address these issues and together, with the audience, we will explore potential solutions.


  • Deborah Kahn


    Publishing Director (Medicine and Open Access)

    Taylor & Francis Group

    Deborah Kahn has worked in scholarly publishing for over 30 years, starting in books and journals production, moving through acquisitions to senior...

  • Adam Brownsell



    Chemistry World, Royal Society of Chemistry

    Adam Brownsell is the publisher of Chemistry World magazine at the Royal Society of Chemistry. He has published magazines, journals, books and...

  • Siân Harris


    Communications Specialist


    Siân Harris is responsible for communications atINASP, an international development organization that supports the production, sharing and use of...