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Eyewear Publishing Ltd. is a small press founded in 2012 by Todd Swift, based in London, UK, with excellent distribution in America. Our books have been recommended by such literary figures as Stephen Fry, Louis Theroux, Salman Rushdie, Clare Pollard, Vicki Feaver, Thomas Lux, Suhayl Saadi and The Rev. Jesse Jackson. This year we are offering worldwide rights for translation, and for film, TV, audio and other adaptation for key new novels, non-fiction, and poetry, including BAD SEED, THERESA MAY, and TASTE LIFE TWICE. We now also own Black Spring Press, founded in 1985, with major rights for Carolyn Cassady's classic OFF THE ROAD memoir.

New Titles

  • "That Summer in Puglia", Valeria Vescina

    Fiction. Tommaso has escaped discovery for thirty years but a young private investigator, Will, has tracked him down. Tommaso asks him to pretend neve...

  • "The Displaced Children Of Displaced...

    Poetry. Asian & Asian American Studies. Moving through past, present and future, this is a family history that journeys between America, Pakistan, mod...

  • "Last Performance at the Odeon", Carol...

    Literary Nonfiction. Jewish Studies. "Sometimes it takes years and years to see a pattern, but watch a tin of paint when it falls and spreads unmercif...

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    Eyewear Publishing

    Suite 333, 19-21 Crawford Street Marylebone London W1H 1PJ United Kingdom


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