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Insights Seminar Programme


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  • A Special Rathbones Folio Prize Session: What Does it Take to Break Through as a Writer?

    Wednesday11:30 - 12:0011 Mar 2020
    English PEN Literary Salon

      One year on from being Poet of the Fair at LBF, Raymond Antrobus has broken into the mainstream on the back of an unprecedented year of major prize wins in 2...

    • Language: English

  • A Common Lot and a Lot in Common: Publishers & Researchers Today

    Wednesday11:30 - 12:3011 Mar 2020
    The Faculty

    Researchers and publishers have much in common. Dr. Milka Kostic recently told the Scholarly Kitchen blog that both “want to make a difference – they want to ad...

    • Language: English

  • A Taste of Eid

    Wednesday13:30 - 14:0011 Mar 2020
    Sharjah Book Authority Stand

    Across the world, food is an important part of any celebration, often rooted in years of traditions and memories and, whether religious or cultural, it is a...

    • Language: English

  • Author of the Day, Afra Atiq, in Conversation with Joelle Taylor

    Wednesday14:15 - 14:4511 Mar 2020
    English PEN Literary Salon

     Market Focus 'Author of the Day', Afra Atiq, is an Emirati poet, spoken word artist, and PhD candidate. With a passion for languages, she writes and performs i...

    • Language: English

  • Arabic Translation: SIBF Translation Grant

    Wednesday14:30 - 15:3011 Mar 2020
    The Cross-Cultural Hub

    Challenges of translation to and from Arabic, including information on the SIBF Translation Grant. 

    • Language: English

  • A Journey Through Time: How Home Library Services have Evolved in the UK

    Wednesday16:00 - 17:0011 Mar 2020
    Club Room - National Hall Gallery

    A Journey Through Time: How Home Library Services have evolved in the UKWith the increasing amount of mobile and public libraries closing, many believed the Hom...

    • Language: English

  • Audio Matters: The Future of Audiobooks for University Presses

    Wednesday16:00 - 17:0011 Mar 2020
    The Faculty

    Cambridge University Press and Princeton University Press have both introduced new audiobook pilots in the last year. With perspectives from two university pres...

    • Language: English