International Excellence Awards

Celebrating Excellence in the Global Book Industry

Held in partnership with The Publishers Association, The International Excellence Awards are a grand celebration of publishing and related activities outside the UK.

"It's a special thrill to get an award at The London Book Fair because London is the place I cemented my love for books. I'd never been to a city with so many bookshops before that. I look forward to making LBF an annual pilgrimage!"  - Amir Muhammad, Buku Fixi

Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2020 The London Book Fair Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Nigel Newton, Bloomsbury (UK).

The categories

The London Book Fair Lifetime Achievement Award

Criteria: This award celebrates an individual’s career dedication to breaking down borders in the international book industry. The Judges will want to see examples of several of the following: Leadership, Documented Accomplishments, Impact, Innovation/Flair, Legacy.

Who is eligible: Open to any individual, in any area of the book business, whose work has contributed significantly to international publishing. The individual is likely, therefore, to be in the later stages of their careers.

The Audiobook Publisher Award

Criteria: Audiobook publishers who have demonstrated innovation in audiobook publishing, whose publication has created significant impact, resulting in critical acclaim, high sales, and PR coverage, or have demonstrated a new business model or business innovation. Judges will be looking for high quality and excellence in the publishing programme.

Who is eligible: Any audiobook company, or division of a global company, specialist company division, or organisation, who specialises in audiobook publishing, whose scope of achievement is predominantly outside the UK.

The Educational Learning Resources Award

Criteria: Companies which have produced innovative, exciting and pedagogically sound, new learning resources, that enhance and broaden the learning and learners’ experience, whether in schools, home, play schemes, or clubs. Judges will be looking for excellence in the content, production and usability of the resources and evidence of how they have been used successfully in a learning context.

Who is eligible: Any company or organisation operating outside the UK, whose scope of achievement is outside the UK, who produces learning resources. 

The Literary Translation Initiative Award

Criteria: Organisations that have succeeded in raising the profile of literature in translation, promoting literary translators, and encouraging new translators and translated works.

Who is eligible: Any company or organisation operating outside the UK, whose scope of achievement is outside the UK.

The Library of the Year Award

Criteria: The judges will be looking for excellence in a range of areas, including the library as an inspirational and democratic space for all; innovative partnerships and initiatives to attract new users and extend the range of services provided; stock promotion and the use of new technology to engage users in library collections; and examples of the library’s contribution to literacy and learning in its community

Who is eligible: Any public library operating outside the UK. 

The Bookstore of the Year Award

Criteria: The judges will be looking for excellence in a range of areas, including customer service, staff knowledge, events, display, outreach, atmosphere, innovation, imagination, incorporation of digital, style and flare.

Who is eligible: Independents or chain branches whose primary business is outside the UK.  Nominees do not have to be English language booksellers – though these are welcome too – and there is no stipulation regarding turnover.  Business viability will be recognised and entries from more remote locations are encouraged. If you are a chain applying, please ensure that you nominate one branch specifically.

The Rights Professional Award

Criteria: Individuals who have achieved demonstrable success in selling rights and licenses:  good negotiators; commercially aware; possessing excellent knowledge of copyright and contracts, and maximising the growing rights opportunities to ensure maximum profit for all products. The judges will be looking for breadth of platforms, territories, languages, or media, and will welcome examples of the ability to extract maximum value from international markets.

Who is eligible: Anyone working in any aspect of rights or licensing, based outside the UK; literary agents who have made a significant impact on the promotion, sale and translation of non-English-speaking authors, thus maximising their authors’ interests in the long and short term, and agents based in the UK, who work only with non-English-speaking authors.

Inclusivity in Publishing Award

Criteria: Publishing companies who have demonstrated commitment to improving diversity across the publishing ecosystem. This includes diversity in content produced, marketing strategy and activity to reach diverse audiences (including working with festivals, bookshops and libraries), and commitment to improvement of equality in the workforce (including disabilities, socio-economic, ethnicity, LGBT, cultural and racial equality).

Who is Eligible: Any publishing company based in the UK.

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