5 - 7 April, 2022

Capturing better leads, made simple.

Discover your new lead capture opportunities at The London Book Fair

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Get ready for better leads...

Are you ready to capture better leads?

Emperia, included in your exhibitor package, lets you capture leads from the conversations you have with a simple scan of a badge.
Access will be available a few weeks before the show using the login details sent to your portal administrator. Get to know what Emperia is and how it works with your comprehensive guide to using your lead capture app.

Key features of Emperia

This year we're making it easier for you to capture more high quality leads at The London Book Fair.
We listened to your feedback from last years event and have improved what we offer you.
Emperia is an easy to use app that, importantly, works offline, allowing you to capture and score leads with confidence.

Simple and light

Emperia is a lightweight app, that doesn't drain your device.

Works offline

No connectivity, no problem. All scans are saved on your device to be synced later.

Multiple users

Requests as many logins as necessary, at no extra cost

Easy to Share

Digitally share your contact details with the visitors you scan.

Export Anytime

Download your leads at your convenience, during or after the event.

Rate your leads

Add extra information to each lead after scanning.

Four easy steps to success

Not only is capturing quality leads easy, getting started is too.

1. First download the app to your device using the links provided.
2. During the week before the show your company's event admin will receive an email with login details. Use these to register and sign into your app.
3. At the show, scan the QR code on visitors badges to capture their info. You can also add notes and lead ratings.
4. When you have connectivity, download all your leads as an easy-to-use CSV file.

If you require any support with our app, please contact emperiasupport@reedexpo.co.uk

Download now

Get started by first downloading the Emperia app.

Then use the login details sent to your portal administrator and the comprehensive guide for using Emperia to familiarize yourself with the app, before using it to capture better leads at The London Book Fair.

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