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  • Meyer hints at more from the Twilight Saga

    Katie Morris, 05 Nov 2012

    Twilight Saga author Stephanie Meyer has hinted that there is more to come from the romantic vampire tale centred on Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.  UK cinema

    Page 05 Nov 2012

  • John Cusack to star in latest King movie adaptation

    Katie Morris, 01 Nov 2012

    Stephen King novels seem to attract movie adaptations like moths to a flame, so it comes as no surprise that his post-apocalyptic horror Cell is to get the Hollywood

    Page 01 Nov 2012

  • Indian publisher Duckbill launches first children's books

    Katie Morris, 30 Oct 2012

    One of several Indian publishers to be established recently is preparing for the launch of its first children's books today. Duckbill, which is aimed at young

    Page 30 Oct 2012

  • Pearson and Bertelsmann confirm Penguin/Random House merger

    Katie Morris, 29 Oct 2012

    Pearson and Bertelsmann have confirmed plans to merge their respective publishing houses Penguin and Random House, the world's two largest trade book

    Page 29 Oct 2012

  • Pearson confirms possible Random House merger

    Katie Morris, 26 Oct 2012

    Educational publisher Pearson has confirmed rumours it is in talks Bertelsmann about a potential merger between Penguin and Random House.  In a statement issued

    Page 26 Oct 2012

  • Qatar partnership formed in cultural publishing drive

    Katie Morris, 26 Oct 2012

    A partnership has been established in Qatar to boost appreciation for heritage through distributions of cultural publications. Known as the Cultural Village, Katara has

    Page 26 Oct 2012

  • Northern Ireland library in a bid to save rare religious collection

    Katie Morris, 24 Oct 2012

    A Northern Ireland library has secured initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) in a bid to safeguard a collection of around 20,000 manuscripts, books

    Page 24 Oct 2012

  • Prestigious Asian Literary Prize seeks new sponsor

    Katie Morris, 24 Oct 2012

    A high profile literary prize in Asia is in search of new sponsorship with the departure of its partner of five years.  The Man Asian Literary Prize has already

    Page 24 Oct 2012

  • Rowling mulls over Potter rewrite as adult novel remains resilient

    Katie Morris, 23 Oct 2012

    British novelist JK Rowling has hinted at rewriting a couple of her 'Harry Potter' books as she rushed to complete them under pressurised conditions.  In an

    Page 23 Oct 2012

  • Under-30s America's 'biggest readers'

    Katie Morris, 23 Oct 2012

    People under the age of 30 are the biggest readers in the US, particularly high-school students, college-aged adults and early-career adults.  That is

    Page 23 Oct 2012

  • Orion imprint to re-launch Wild Cards series for UK readers

    The London Book Fair, 22 Oct 2012

    Gollancz, an imprint of Orion Publishing Group, is to re-launch the hugely successful 'Wild Cards' series first edited by 'A Game of Thrones' author George RR

    Page 22 Oct 2012

  • Bloomsbury in $6.5m takeover deal to bolster US presence

    Katie Morhen, 03 Apr 2012

    In a bid to improve its presence as an academic publisher in the US, Bloomsbury Publishing Inc has settled an acquisition deal for $6.5 million (£4 million), it was announced yesterday (April 2nd)....

    Page 03 Apr 2012

  • Education key to expansion of HarperCollins, CEO says

    Katie Morhen, 11 Apr 2012

    The chief executive of HarperCollins Victoria Barnsley has said its education division will be key to the publishing house’s growth, it has been reported. Her comments came

    Page 11 Apr 2012

  • Sequel to The Woman in Black in the pipeline following major success

    Katie Morhen, 03 Apr 2012

    A sequel to the hugely popular film adaptation of The Woman in Black by Susan Hill is set for development by moviemaker Hammer. The Woman in Black was the most successful British horror flick in 20...

    Page 03 Apr 2012

  • The rise of the child author

    Katie Morhen, 02 Apr 2012

    Self-publishing has generated a new kind of author that enables people under the age of 18 to see their stories brought to life online and in print, usually at the expense of their parents. That is...

    Page 02 Apr 2012

  • X-Factor winners to debut autobiography

    Katie Morhen, 02 Apr 2012

    A major publisher has bagged the rights to the 2011 The X-Factor winners’ autobiography before the group have released their debut album. HarperCollins will release Little Mix: Our Story So Far

    Page 02 Apr 2012

  • Women pave the way for British e-reading, survey finds

    Katie Morhen, 02 Apr 2012

    More women than men in the UK have downloaded an e-book to their digital device in the last six months, a new study has found. Some 23 per cent of females have purchased an e-book in the last half...

    Page 02 Apr 2012

  • Rowling debuts Potter on ebooks

    Katie Morhen, 28 Mar 2012

    JK Rowling has debuted her Harry Potter series to e-readers in the English-speaking world through her site Pottermore. By launching the series through her own online retailer, Rowling has cut out the...

    Page 28 Mar 2012

  • Collins’ movie adaptation Hungry for success

    Katie Morhen, 26 Mar 2012

    The movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games got off to a stellar performance in its opening weekend at the box office. The first instalment of the trilogy raked in $155 million (£97.7

    Page 26 Mar 2012

  • Irish bookseller blames low-cost airline for sales dip

    Katie Morhen, 26 Mar 2012

    An Irish bookseller has claimed sales have dipped because of a low-cost airline’s restriction on cabin baggage, it has been reported. Frank O’Mahony of O’Mahony’s book chain has blamed Ryanair for...

    Page 26 Mar 2012

  • Publisher launches fragrant series for kids

    Katie Morhen, 22 Mar 2012

    Children’s books are set for a reinvigoration with the launch of a new series that are filled with touch-activated scents. Bonnier Publishing’s Autumn imprint has unveiled its Smellessence division,...

    Page 22 Mar 2012

  • Publisher to transform mobile app into e-book tale

    Katie Morhen, 20 Mar 2012

    In a revolutionary move forward in the digital world, a major publishing house is set to transpose the characters of a popular children’s smartphone application into an e-book, it has been reported....

    Page 20 Mar 2012

  • Call made for Vaizey to step down amid library concerns

    Katie Morhen, 19 Mar 2012

    A call has been made for the minister for culture, communications and creative industries to resign amid concerns he is not speaking up to save the nation’s libraries. That is according to a report by

    Page 19 Mar 2012

  • 007 seals 10-year deal for print and digital publication

    Katie Morhen, 16 Mar 2012

    England’s favourite secret service agent James Bond is set to be reinvigorated in 2012 when a new print run of the stories begins as part of a ten-year publishing deal. Ian Fleming’s estate has...

    Page 16 Mar 2012

  • Encyclopaedia Britannica brings 244-year print run to an end, opting to go digital

    Katie Morhen, 14 Mar 2012

    The Encyclopaedia Britannica has decided to move with the digital times by bringing the 244-year print run of its 32-volume series to a close as it aims to go exclusively online. With around 4,000...

    Page 14 Mar 2012

  • Consumers judge books by their cover, Trollope says

    Katie Morhen, 14 Mar 2012

    Reading enthusiasts do base their book choices on the cover presentation, despite the saying “never judge a book by its cover”. That this according to leading novelist Joanna Trolllope, who told The

    Page 14 Mar 2012

  • E-book sales soar 250% for Hachette

    Katie Morhen, 13 Mar 2012

    Hachette saw sales of e-books surge 250 per cent in February, helping to offset losses suffered at its parent company, it has been reported. The publisher’s chief executive officer Tim Hely Hutchinson

    Page 13 Mar 2012

  • Timelessness of Dahl’s classics make him teachers’ pet

    Katie Morhen, 13 Mar 2012

    The timeless classics of Roald Dahl are what separate him from other authors as Britain’s teachers claimed he was children’s favourite novelist. An online survey by Teachit Primary showed 17 per cent...

    Page 13 Mar 2012

  • Aussie publisher turns online story into seven-figure success

    Katie Morhen, 12 Mar 2012

    A Sydney-based publisher has secured a seven-figure deal after turning a free online story into a New York Times bestseller. EL James’ Fifty Shades of Grey topped the charts of the paper’s bestseller...

    Page 12 Mar 2012

  • Digital Economy Act gets the go-ahead

    Katie Morhen, 12 Mar 2012

    Introduction of the Digital Economy Act is set to go forward despite opposition posed by two leading communication providers. The Publishers Association recently revealed it was looking forward to

    Page 12 Mar 2012

  • PayPal refuses to facilitate self-publishing of ‘obscene’ titles

    Katie Morhen, 09 Mar 2012

    Online payment portal PayPal has refused to allow authors to self-publish titles it deems obscene, it has been reported. Writers hoping to provide content for e-book downloads could face restrictions...

    Page 09 Mar 2012

  • The Lorax added to list of Dr Seuss adaptations

    Katie Morhen, 09 Mar 2012

    The latest adaptation of a children's book by the much-loved Dr Seuss will be doing the rounds at cinemas this year. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is a movie adaptation of one of the children's

    Page 09 Mar 2012

  • Google Play to heat up e-book market competition?

    Katie Morhen, 08 Mar 2012

    This week’s launch of Google Play could be set to heat up market competition in the world of e-publishing. Google introduced its new site on Tuesday (March 6th), enabling consumers to access e-books,...

    Page 08 Mar 2012

  • Atlas & Co president to edit biographies for Amazon

    Katie Morhen, 06 Mar 2012

    The president of independent publishing house Atlas & Co is set to edit a series of 12 biographies for online retailer Amazon from June 2013. The series will be entitled Amazon Lives, with James...

    Page 06 Mar 2012

  • Children’s publisher launches e-reading app

    Katie Morhen, 06 Mar 2012

    A leading children’s publisher in the US has today (March 6th) launched an e-reading app for youngsters as it aims to digitally innovate reading for kids. The world’s biggest distributor of children’s

    Page 06 Mar 2012

  • Boys closing gap on girls in reading stakes

    Katie Morhen, 01 Mar 2012

    Boys have caught up with girls in terms of reading ability in the UK, new research from Dundee University suggests. The study looked at which children's books 213,000 youngsters across

    Page 01 Mar 2012

  • Persian poet commemorated at Indian university ceremony

    Katie Morhen, 29 Feb 2012

    One of Iran's most famous poets has been commemorated by a gathering of literature academics at the Jamia Millia Islamia national Islamic university in New Delhi, India. A special celebration was...

    Page 29 Feb 2012

  • World Book Fair attracts thousands in Delhi

    Katie Morhen, 28 Feb 2012

    Approximately 80,000 people, aged from the young to the old, were in attendance at the 20th World Book Fair in New Delhi on Sunday. Held at the famous Pragati Maidan venue, India's largest

    Page 28 Feb 2012

  • Pupils to feature in new BBC2 film about William Golding

    Katie Morhen, 27 Feb 2012

    Students from a school in Salisbury are to appear in a new BBC production on the life of famed author William Golding. The author of Lord of the Flies won both the Booker and Nobel

    Page 27 Feb 2012

  • Rowling to turn to adult fiction with new book

    Katie Morhen, 24 Feb 2012

    Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is to turn her talent to adult fiction as she sets out to publish a new book with Hachette imprint Little, Brown, it was revealed yesterday (February 23rd). This marks...

    Page 24 Feb 2012

  • Indian adult fiction market grows 82%, figures show

    Katie Morhen, 23 Feb 2012

    Indian publishing houses experienced a strong first half of 2011, particularly in the fastest-growing market of adult fiction, which increased 82 per cent. According to a report by the...

    Page 23 Feb 2012

  • Crime writer reminds authors of publishers’ importance

    Katie Morhen, 22 Feb 2012

    A popular crime fiction writer has reiterated the importance of publishers for authors amid the increasing prevalence of digitalisation that can compromise the quality of content. In an address at...

    Page 22 Feb 2012

  • Independent publisher launches Ireland’s first digital platform

    Katie Morhen, 21 Feb 2012

    An independent publisher is set to become Ireland’s first exclusively digital publisher on Leap day (February 29th) when it debuts. Tirgearr Publishing recently revealed it was doing away with

    Page 21 Feb 2012

  • Multiple locations bad for bookshops, study finds

    Katie Morhen, 20 Feb 2012

    Booksellers with too many geographical outlets could find their businesses struggling as consumers increasingly look online to purchase titles. Such is the suggestion of Mike Jervis, insolvency...

    Page 20 Feb 2012

  • Knox signs $4m book deal

    Katie Morhen, 17 Feb 2012

    The battle to secure a book deal with acquitted murder suspect Amanda Knox has finally come to a close with the $4 million (£2.5 million) offer by a top publisher. HarperCollins beat out 20 stiff...

    Page 17 Feb 2012

  • British independent bookstore turns to e-reader market

    Katie Morhen, 14 Feb 2012

    A leading independent British bookseller intends capitalising on the e-reading market with the launch of a new ebook store that offers free apps for Android-powered devices. Owners of iOS phones and...

    Page 14 Feb 2012

  • Australian publisher launches digital-only imprint

    Katie Morhen, 15 Feb 2012

    An Australian publisher could be about to revolutionise book reading trends in the country with the launch of its digital-only imprint, announced yesterday (February 14th). Pan Macmillan has...

    Page 15 Feb 2012

  • Publishers to compete for Knox murder bio

    Katie Morhen, 13 Feb 2012

    Publishers will be going head to head this week to secure the rights to Amanda Knox’s story, it has been reported. The acquitted murder suspect, who spent four years in an Italian prison following...

    Page 13 Feb 2012

  • Classic fairytales ditched by parents over theme concerns

    Katie Morhen, 13 Feb 2012

    Many parents have been passing up classic fairytales in favour of modern stories amid concerns the old tales were frightening for children. In a poll of 2,000 parents conducted ahead of the UK debut...

    Page 13 Feb 2012

  • E-book shorts to celebrate Valentine’s Day

    Katie Morhen, 09 Feb 2012

    Britain’s leading publisher of romance novels is paving the way for a profitable February 14th by debuting a number of e-book shorts. Mills and Boon will e-release a variety of romantic shorts on...

    Page 09 Feb 2012

  • Self-published crime writer and speaker at the LBF Digital Minds Conference, Kerry Wilkinson, tops Kindle chart

    Katie Morhen, 09 Feb 2012

    A self-published crime writer has beaten some of 2011’s most popular authors by coming top of the Kindle charts for the final quarter of last year. Coming ahead of novelists like Steig Larsson,...

    Page 09 Feb 2012

  • Amazon to test high street with small store

    Katie Morhen, 09 Feb 2012

    Not content with dominating online retail sales of books, e-readers and tablet devices, it seems Amazon may bring its produce to physical stores with the launch of a trial outlet in Seattle....

    Page 09 Feb 2012

  • Government aims to improve literacy with national reading competition

    Katie Morhen, 09 Feb 2012

    The government plans to launch a national reading competition for children in England in the autumn to improve literacy among pupils aged between seven and 12, it was announced yesterday (February...

    Page 09 Feb 2012

  • Potter star hits screens with new adaptation

    Katie Morhen, 07 Feb 2012

    The leading actor in JK Rowling’s screen adaptation of the Harry Potter franchise will hit UK screens again this week in a new book-to-film interpretation. Director James Watkins has re-imagined...

    Page 07 Feb 2012

  • Greater publisher ties between China and Taiwan encouraged

    Katie Morhen, 06 Feb 2012

    A call has been made for greater ties between China and Taiwan with regard to the publishing sphere in a bid to bolster the industry. That is according to a report from CNA provided by...

    Page 06 Feb 2012

  • Children’s publishers facing stricter product scrutiny

    Publishers of children’s books are set to face stricter product tests under new changes to legislation that mean they will have to test for 11 more chemicals than before. According to a report by

    Page 06 Feb 2012

  • UK print fiction sales decline 26% in 2012, figures show

    Katie Morhen, 03 Feb 2012

    Print publishing continues to suffer amid the rise of the e-reader, with fiction faring the worst of all genres as sales in this division dipped almost 26 per cent in the first four weeks of 2012, it...

    Page 03 Feb 2012

  • Kindle Fire ‘already’ Amazon’s bestselling product

    Katie Morhen, 03 Feb 2012

    Amazon.com debuted its innovative Kindle Fire just 17 weeks ago yet the device has already become its bestselling, most gifted and most wished for item out of millions of products, it was announced on

    Page 03 Feb 2012

  • Former editor to Stephen King dies aged 83

    Katie Morhen, 02 Feb 2012

    The former editor to horror and sci-fi novelist Stephen King has died at the ripe age of 83. Samuel Vaughan worked on King’s manuscripts during his time at Doubleday & Co, where he began his career in

    Page 02 Feb 2012

  • Bookseller closes high street doors ahead of digital expansion

    A Christian bookseller has revealed it will close most of its high street stores to focus on the expansion of its digital division, it has been reported. Wesley Owen will close all but one or two of...

    Page 01 Feb 2012

  • Larsson publisher continues to push forward

    Katie Morhen, 31 Jan 2012

    The publishing house that secured the English language rights to Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy is continuing to make gains outside the franchise. Quercus Publishing plc revealed revenue from its...

    Page 31 Jan 2012

  • Kenyan publishers team up to boost e-reading

    Katie Morhen, 30 Jan 2012

    Two publishing houses in Kenya have formed a partnership to boost digital reading among young people, it has been reported. Longhorn Publishers and World Reader struck a deal that sees the former...

    Page 30 Jan 2012

  • Libraries enjoy increasing demand for e-books

    Katie Morhen, 27 Jan 2012

    UK libraries are seeing increasing demand from e-books, as readers change the way they interact with these public services. According to the Clitheroe Today, Lancashire County Council's library

    Page 27 Jan 2012

  • Book inspired movies dominate Oscar nominations

    Katie Morhen, 26 Jan 2012

    The 2012 Academy Awards nominations have been dominated by films based on literary works. Six of the nine nominations for Best Picture are film recreations of works of fiction, including Kathryn

    Page 26 Jan 2012

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