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  • Profit jump for Usborne

    The Bookseller, 21 Nov 2014

    This story is brought to you by our Official Global News Partner, The Bookseller Children’s publisher Usborne made a pre-tax profit of £8.9m for the year ended 31st January 2014, up

    Page 21 Nov 2014

  • ALCS needs more diversity says chairman

    The Bookseller, 19 Nov 2014

    This story is brought to you by our Official Global News Partner, The Bookseller The board of the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) is a “rather white, middle-class group, which does

    Page 19 Nov 2014

  • World Book Fair attracts thousands in Delhi

    Katie Morhen, 28 Feb 2012

    Approximately 80,000 people, aged from the young to the old, were in attendance at the 20th World Book Fair in New Delhi on Sunday. Held at the famous Pragati Maidan venue, India's largest

    Page 28 Feb 2012

  • Pupils to feature in new BBC2 film about William Golding

    Katie Morhen, 27 Feb 2012

    Students from a school in Salisbury are to appear in a new BBC production on the life of famed author William Golding. The author of Lord of the Flies won both the Booker and Nobel

    Page 27 Feb 2012

  • Rowling to turn to adult fiction with new book

    Katie Morhen, 24 Feb 2012

    Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is to turn her talent to adult fiction as she sets out to publish a new book with Hachette imprint Little, Brown, it was revealed yesterday (February 23rd). This marks...

    Page 24 Feb 2012

  • Indian adult fiction market grows 82%, figures show

    Katie Morhen, 23 Feb 2012

    Indian publishing houses experienced a strong first half of 2011, particularly in the fastest-growing market of adult fiction, which increased 82 per cent. According to a report by the...

    Page 23 Feb 2012

  • Crime writer reminds authors of publishers’ importance

    Katie Morhen, 22 Feb 2012

    A popular crime fiction writer has reiterated the importance of publishers for authors amid the increasing prevalence of digitalisation that can compromise the quality of content. In an address at...

    Page 22 Feb 2012

  • Independent publisher launches Ireland’s first digital platform

    Katie Morhen, 21 Feb 2012

    An independent publisher is set to become Ireland’s first exclusively digital publisher on Leap day (February 29th) when it debuts. Tirgearr Publishing recently revealed it was doing away with

    Page 21 Feb 2012

  • Multiple locations bad for bookshops, study finds

    Katie Morhen, 20 Feb 2012

    Booksellers with too many geographical outlets could find their businesses struggling as consumers increasingly look online to purchase titles. Such is the suggestion of Mike Jervis, insolvency...

    Page 20 Feb 2012

  • Knox signs $4m book deal

    Katie Morhen, 17 Feb 2012

    The battle to secure a book deal with acquitted murder suspect Amanda Knox has finally come to a close with the $4 million (£2.5 million) offer by a top publisher. HarperCollins beat out 20 stiff...

    Page 17 Feb 2012

  • Australian publisher launches digital-only imprint

    Katie Morhen, 15 Feb 2012

    An Australian publisher could be about to revolutionise book reading trends in the country with the launch of its digital-only imprint, announced yesterday (February 14th). Pan Macmillan has...

    Page 15 Feb 2012

  • Publishers to compete for Knox murder bio

    Katie Morhen, 13 Feb 2012

    Publishers will be going head to head this week to secure the rights to Amanda Knox’s story, it has been reported. The acquitted murder suspect, who spent four years in an Italian prison following...

    Page 13 Feb 2012

  • Classic fairytales ditched by parents over theme concerns

    Katie Morhen, 13 Feb 2012

    Many parents have been passing up classic fairytales in favour of modern stories amid concerns the old tales were frightening for children. In a poll of 2,000 parents conducted ahead of the UK debut...

    Page 13 Feb 2012

  • British independent bookstore turns to e-reader market

    Katie Morhen, 14 Feb 2012

    A leading independent British bookseller intends capitalising on the e-reading market with the launch of a new ebook store that offers free apps for Android-powered devices. Owners of iOS phones and...

    Page 14 Feb 2012

  • E-book shorts to celebrate Valentine’s Day

    Katie Morhen, 09 Feb 2012

    Britain’s leading publisher of romance novels is paving the way for a profitable February 14th by debuting a number of e-book shorts. Mills and Boon will e-release a variety of romantic shorts on...

    Page 09 Feb 2012

  • Self-published crime writer and speaker at the LBF Digital Minds Conference, Kerry Wilkinson, tops Kindle chart

    Katie Morhen, 09 Feb 2012

    A self-published crime writer has beaten some of 2011’s most popular authors by coming top of the Kindle charts for the final quarter of last year. Coming ahead of novelists like Steig Larsson,...

    Page 09 Feb 2012

  • Amazon to test high street with small store

    Katie Morhen, 09 Feb 2012

    Not content with dominating online retail sales of books, e-readers and tablet devices, it seems Amazon may bring its produce to physical stores with the launch of a trial outlet in Seattle....

    Page 09 Feb 2012

  • Government aims to improve literacy with national reading competition

    Katie Morhen, 09 Feb 2012

    The government plans to launch a national reading competition for children in England in the autumn to improve literacy among pupils aged between seven and 12, it was announced yesterday (February...

    Page 09 Feb 2012

  • Potter star hits screens with new adaptation

    Katie Morhen, 07 Feb 2012

    The leading actor in JK Rowling’s screen adaptation of the Harry Potter franchise will hit UK screens again this week in a new book-to-film interpretation. Director James Watkins has re-imagined...

    Page 07 Feb 2012

  • Greater publisher ties between China and Taiwan encouraged

    Katie Morhen, 06 Feb 2012

    A call has been made for greater ties between China and Taiwan with regard to the publishing sphere in a bid to bolster the industry. That is according to a report from CNA provided by...

    Page 06 Feb 2012

  • UK print fiction sales decline 26% in 2012, figures show

    Katie Morhen, 03 Feb 2012

    Print publishing continues to suffer amid the rise of the e-reader, with fiction faring the worst of all genres as sales in this division dipped almost 26 per cent in the first four weeks of 2012, it...

    Page 03 Feb 2012

  • Kindle Fire ‘already’ Amazon’s bestselling product

    Katie Morhen, 03 Feb 2012

    Amazon.com debuted its innovative Kindle Fire just 17 weeks ago yet the device has already become its bestselling, most gifted and most wished for item out of millions of products, it was announced on

    Page 03 Feb 2012

  • Children’s publishers facing stricter product scrutiny

    Publishers of children’s books are set to face stricter product tests under new changes to legislation that mean they will have to test for 11 more chemicals than before. According to a report by

    Page 06 Feb 2012

  • Former editor to Stephen King dies aged 83

    Katie Morhen, 02 Feb 2012

    The former editor to horror and sci-fi novelist Stephen King has died at the ripe age of 83. Samuel Vaughan worked on King’s manuscripts during his time at Doubleday & Co, where he began his career in

    Page 02 Feb 2012

  • Bookseller closes high street doors ahead of digital expansion

    A Christian bookseller has revealed it will close most of its high street stores to focus on the expansion of its digital division, it has been reported. Wesley Owen will close all but one or two of...

    Page 01 Feb 2012

  • Larsson publisher continues to push forward

    Katie Morhen, 31 Jan 2012

    The publishing house that secured the English language rights to Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy is continuing to make gains outside the franchise. Quercus Publishing plc revealed revenue from its...

    Page 31 Jan 2012

  • Libraries enjoy increasing demand for e-books

    Katie Morhen, 27 Jan 2012

    UK libraries are seeing increasing demand from e-books, as readers change the way they interact with these public services. According to the Clitheroe Today, Lancashire County Council's library

    Page 27 Jan 2012

  • US TV network turns to e-reader market

    Katie Morhen, 25 Jan 2012

    A leading television network in the United States is taking its first steps into the digital publishing sphere with plans to launch e-books based on content from its programmes. NBC has revealed...

    Page 25 Jan 2012

  • Library to be honoured with Bookseller award

    Katie Morhen, 23 Jan 2012

    One of the nation’s best libraries will be given a Bookseller Industry Award as the competition added new categories this year, it was announced on Friday (January 20th). Entries are now open, with...

    Page 23 Jan 2012

  • Apple launch fresh e-publishing tool

    Katie Morhen, 20 Jan 2012

    The world of self-publishing could be revolutionised with the launch of a new app from Apple that enables authors to simply ‘drag and drop’ to generate their works into a distributable digital book.

    Page 20 Jan 2012

  • Book inspired movies dominate Oscar nominations

    Katie Morhen, 26 Jan 2012

    The 2012 Academy Awards nominations have been dominated by films based on literary works. Six of the nine nominations for Best Picture are film recreations of works of fiction, including Kathryn

    Page 26 Jan 2012

  • Kenyan publishers team up to boost e-reading

    Katie Morhen, 30 Jan 2012

    Two publishing houses in Kenya have formed a partnership to boost digital reading among young people, it has been reported. Longhorn Publishers and World Reader struck a deal that sees the former...

    Page 30 Jan 2012

  • Twilight Saga to continue beyond part 2?

    Katie Morhen, 18 Jan 2012

    Millions of fans of Stephanie Meyer’s highly successful Twilight Saga stories may be able to breathe a sigh of relief as the franchise could extend beyond the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 finale. As...

    Page 18 Jan 2012

  • Apple to revolutionise textbooks?

    Katie Morhen, 18 Jan 2012

    One of the world’s most dominant players in digital platforms is believed to be on the verge of revolutionising the educational industry ahead of an announcement it is making in New York on Thursday...

    Page 18 Jan 2012

  • Kolkata lags behind rest of Indian book buyers

    Katie Morhen, 18 Jan 2012

    The east Indian city of Kolkata shows a weak sense of English-language book purchasing compared to the western side of the country, it has been reported. While book buying is strongest in Delhi and...

    Page 18 Jan 2012

  • The Bible is Norwegian bestseller

    Katie Morhen, 16 Jan 2012

    Norwegians flocked to bookstores to purchase the first translation of the Bible in 30 years, making it the 2011 bestseller, it has been reported. Published in October last year, the Bible had sold...

    Page 16 Jan 2012

  • Publisher enjoys 38% surge in e-book sales

    Katie Morhen, 16 Jan 2012

    A leading independent publisher enjoyed a 38 per cent year-on-year climb in e-book sales for the period ending December 31st, it was announced today (January 16th). Bloomsbury Publishing revealed Hugh

    Page 16 Jan 2012

  • Bookseller causes stir after dropping apostrophe

    Katie Morhen, 13 Jan 2012

    One the UK’s leading booksellers has caused something of a media storm after it dropped the apostrophe from its brand name as part of a move to make it more digital-friendly. Waterstones announced...

    Page 13 Jan 2012

  • Consumer demand for e-readers drives sales at supermarket

    Katie Morhen, 13 Jan 2012

    The rising popularity of e-readers was illustrated in the financial results of a major British supermarket as demand for the device drove electronics sales for the six-weeks to January 7th. Tesco plc...

    Page 13 Jan 2012

  • Online retailer to publish famous librarian’s recommendations

    Katie Morhen, 12 Jan 2012

    A major online retailer is beginning a new project that will see it re-publish a number of out-of-print recommendations by a famous librarian, it was announced yesterday (January 11th). Amazon is set...

    Page 12 Jan 2012

  • American publishers capitalising on British TV series

    Katie Morhen, 12 Jan 2012

    Publishers and booksellers across the US are capitalising on the success of a popular British TV series after its second season began airing last Sunday (January 9th), it has been reported. American...

    Page 12 Jan 2012

  • Economics pressures drive Canadian publisher into merger

    Katie Morhen, 11 Jan 2012

    The effects of the global economic downturn have driven a popular Canadian publishing house into a merger with a leading industry name, it was announced yesterday (January 10th). McClelland & Stewart

    Page 11 Jan 2012

  • International publishing to hit $323bn in 2015, research suggests

    Katie Morhen, 11 Jan 2012

    The international publishing sector is expected to be worth $322.7 billion (£209 billion) by the year 2015 as digital publishing complements the print platform, research released yesterday (January...

    Page 11 Jan 2012

  • Campaign for consumers drives high street book sales, survey suggests

    Katie Morhen, 10 Jan 2012

    The combined efforts of the Mary Portas report and the Bookseller Association’s IndieBound campaign helped drive consumers to high streets to support independent bookstores, it has been reported. As...

    Page 10 Jan 2012

  • Music legend to publish book for AIDS cause

    Katie Morhen, 10 Jan 2012

    One of Britain’s most successful singer-songwriters is due to have a book published detailing his account of the AIDS epidemic as part of his efforts to raise money to support his charity cause.

    Page 10 Jan 2012

  • Former Woods’ coach publishes tell all

    Katie Morhen, 09 Jan 2012

    Golfing sensation Tiger Woods will have his career detailed in a new tell all from his former coach Hank Haney in a book due to be published by Crown Archetype on March 27th. However, the story will...

    Page 09 Jan 2012

  • Unknown Chinese blogger sees love tale published

    Katie Morhen, 09 Jan 2012

    A blog written by an unnamed Chinese author has caused a storm in the publishing world with a film already created to celebrate its love story, it has been reported. Set during the Cultural...

    Page 09 Jan 2012

  • Jobs biography tops e-book gifts at Christmas

    Katie Morhen, 06 Jan 2012

    The biography of the late Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson topped the list of the most popular e-books gifted in Christmas 2011, it was revealed yesterday (January 5th). In second place was The Hunger...

    Page 06 Jan 2012

  • Bookseller to separate digital division

    Katie Morhen, 06 Jan 2012

    The number one bookseller in the US is looking to separate its digital division in an effort to capitalise on the success of its e-reader, it was announced yesterday (January 5th). Barnes & Noble has...

    Page 06 Jan 2012

  • A look back at 2013

    Roger Tagholm, 18 Dec 2013

    It was the year when ‘showrooming’ entered the Oxford English Dictionary, when all those Penguins found themselves enjoying a splendid new House and when Jeff Bezos suggested that Amazon might use...

    Page 18 Dec 2013

  • Ferguson autobiography top of the league this Christmas

    Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography looks set to top the UK Christmas bestseller list, according to the latest industry sales figures. Figures from Nielsen Bookscan show

    Page 18 Dec 2013

  • Hunger Games: Catching Fire tops box office

    Rather predictably, Jennifer Lawrence-led Hunger Games: Catching Fire has gone straight to the top of the box office this week. The movie, which is based on the book of the

    Page 28 Nov 2013

  • Market Focus 2013 Introduction to Turkey

    LBF Interviews, 01 Dec 2011

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    Page 01 Dec 2011

  • 5 mins with... Jennifer Booth

    Jennifer Booth is the LBF Operations Manager. She is the lady that makes it all happen and brings The London Book Fair to life! Follow Jen on Twitter @Jennifer_RX_OPsWhat was the last

    Page 12 Dec 2013

  • Snapshot of the Week - 28 August 2014

    Roger Tagholm, 28 Aug 2014

    Much focus on South America this week with Amazon starting to sell physical books in Brazil two years after it began selling ebooks in the country, and Brazil’s largest bookshop

    Page 28 Aug 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week - 22 August 2014

    Roger Tagholm, 22 Aug 2014

    With the appointment of Faber’s Sales and Marketing Director Will Atkinson as MD of Atlantic Books, another chapter in what you might call ‘the class of ‘95’ begins.  John

    Page 22 Aug 2014

  • Snapshot Of The Week - 7 August 2014

    Roger Tagholm, 07 Aug 2014

    If you could keep a physical library book forever, having paid a monthly subscription, would that be a loan or a sale?  The digital version of this slightly curious scenario

    Page 07 Aug 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 17 Jul 2014

    Following the great and magnificent rebirth of Foyles in Charing Cross Road which received so much coverage – it was packed on Saturday, incidentally, with its ‘market square’ central

    Page 17 Jul 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 11 Jul 2014

    A nice quote from a Brazilian this week.  “When the Earth moves under one’s feet, it is very difficult to see clearly what stays solid and what is going to be

    Page 11 Jul 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 03 Jul 2014

    “Vive la France!” “Je ne comprends pas la France!” That’s roughly the two views people have of the country when it comes to the book industry. The French parliament has just passed a

    Page 03 Jul 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 26 Jun 2014

    In the great swirl of continuing chatter and comment about The Industry’s Most Famous Dispute, it was almost a relief to see Amazon launch its phone. At least it gave everyone

    Page 26 Jun 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 19 Jun 2014

    The Bookseller refers to it as a ‘mini bookshop boom’, with the latest addition being Waterstone’s announcement of ‘The Southwold Bookshop’, opening next month in the very

    Page 19 Jun 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 12 Jun 2014

    With all kinds of allegations still being made and no sign of any resolution as yet, it looks like the row of the moment will run and run through the summer and way into extra

    Page 12 Jun 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 05 Jun 2014

    With London having a distinctly Down Under flavour these last few days, thanks to the inaugural Australia and New Zealand Festival of Literature and Arts, it’s worth flagging

    Page 05 Jun 2014

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