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  • TISP launches policy recommendations: the first operational guidelines to boost innovation in book publishing and ICT

    The TISP network (Technology Innovation for Smart Publishing), the European project coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association which gathers 25 organizations from 12 European

    28 Jul 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Emma House

    Which writer would you have loved to have met – and why? Gabriel Garcia Marquez – what a mind that man must have had. I studied his work at university, visited his house in Colombia (from the...

    23 Jul 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 17 Jul 2014

    Following the great and magnificent rebirth of Foyles in Charing Cross Road which received so much coverage – it was packed on Saturday, incidentally, with its ‘market square’ central

    17 Jul 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Jane Tappuni

    As EVP of Business Development at Publishing Technology, Jane Tappuni heads up new business development across the organization. With 20 years of experience in the industry, she is responsible for...

    16 Jul 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Emma House

    Which writer would you have loved to have met – and why? Gabriel Garcia Marquez – what a mind that man must have had. I studied his work at university, visited his house in Colombia (from the...

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 11 Jul 2014

    A nice quote from a Brazilian this week.  “When the Earth moves under one’s feet, it is very difficult to see clearly what stays solid and what is going to be

    11 Jul 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Caspar Thykier

    Caspar Thykier is Zappar’s CEO and co-founder. Caspar has spent the last 15 years working across different areas of marketing starting in advertising where he became the youngest ever

    09 Jul 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 03 Jul 2014

    “Vive la France!” “Je ne comprends pas la France!” That’s roughly the two views people have of the country when it comes to the book industry. The French parliament has just passed a

    03 Jul 2014

  • The London Book Fair announces partnership with BAFTA

    London, 2 July: The London Book Fair (LBF) has announced a new partnership with The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) to promote links between the books and broadcast

    02 Jul 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Chris Gribble

    Chris Gribble is the Chief Executive of Writers’ Centre Norwich. After completing a PhD in German Poetry and Philosophy at the University of Manchester, Chris worked in publishing

    02 Jul 2014


    Winner of the special BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum showcase will attend MIP Junior, supported by The London Book Fair London, 30 June: The British Academy

    30 Jun 2014

  • Was ‘Creative’ enough? LBF tackled Skills in Publishing at the Third Tech Tuesday

    Roger Tagholm, 26 Jun 2014

    Publishing needs to behave with more swagger and confidence, said Penguin Random House Group HR Director Neil Morrison at the third Tech Tuesday, hosted by the London Book Fair

    26 Jun 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 26 Jun 2014

    In the great swirl of continuing chatter and comment about The Industry’s Most Famous Dispute, it was almost a relief to see Amazon launch its phone. At least it gave everyone

    26 Jun 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Meryl Halls

    Meryl Halls is Head of Membership Services at the BA, heading up Independent Booksellers Week. She has a special remit for independent initiatives , and works with colleagues across the BA

    24 Jun 2014

  • British Council Launches Open Call for Commissioning Editors Trip to Mexico

    The British Council and CONACULTA today announced an open call for six commissioning editors to travel to Mexico City in preparation for The London Book Fair’s 2015

    20 Jun 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 19 Jun 2014

    The Bookseller refers to it as a ‘mini bookshop boom’, with the latest addition being Waterstone’s announcement of ‘The Southwold Bookshop’, opening next month in the very

    19 Jun 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Peter McKay

    Peter McKay is the Chief Executive of The Publishing Training Centre and has a wealth of experience in the publishing industry. His close involvement with e-publishing and digital

    18 Jun 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 12 Jun 2014

    With all kinds of allegations still being made and no sign of any resolution as yet, it looks like the row of the moment will run and run through the summer and way into extra

    12 Jun 2014

  • 5 minutes with...CJ Browne

    CJ Browne has been a probation officer, lecturer in psychology and Government Advisor for public order and crime prevention. She set up Neighbourhood Safety Projects around

    11 Jun 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 05 Jun 2014

    With London having a distinctly Down Under flavour these last few days, thanks to the inaugural Australia and New Zealand Festival of Literature and Arts, it’s worth flagging

    05 Jun 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Sam Missingham

    Sam Missingham is Head of Events at HarperCollins and is the creative brains behind the first ever virtual Romance Festival, launching this weekend

    04 Jun 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week - 29-05-14

    Roger Tagholm, 29 May 2014

    The International Publishers Association (IPA) was quick to put the other side of Belarus’ $150m backing of its national publishing industry reported this week.  The money

    29 May 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Ameena Saiyid

    Ameena Saiyid OBE is the Managing Director of Oxford University Press, Pakistan. She is the first woman in Pakistan to become head of a multinational company, and in 2010 Ameena

    28 May 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 22 May 2014

    And so to the issue of the moment, the dispute that everyone is talking about, the one that is filling our screens and our tablets with comment.  It’s a sensitive topic,

    22 May 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Rob Morgan

    Rob Morgan is a game writer and narrative designer who spoke at this year's LBF about writing for games and story-driven interactive projects. He has written and helped design

    21 May 2014

  • Snapshot of the week

    Roger Tagholm, 15 May 2014

    For a growing number of publishers, it seems Oyster is their world.  The subscription e-book service that hopes to be a kind of Spotify for ebooks announced that it had added

    15 May 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Dr Jo Twist

    Dr Jo Twist is part of the team at Ukie, which is the only trade body for the UK's wider interactive entertainment industry. They exist to champion the interests, needs and

    13 May 2014

  • Snapshot of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 08 May 2014

    A bouquet of cross-media roses please, for Mills and Boon whose clever, multi-platform, meta-reality, storytelling experiment The Chatsfield deserves wider coverage than it has

    08 May 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Jasmin Kirkbride

    Jasmin Kirkbride is a publishing newbie and writer.  She is currently working as the Producer for the new Blackwell Learning app and her first published short story was recently

    07 May 2014

  • Rogers, Coleridge and White has confirmed the death of its chairman, literary agent Deborah Rogers.

    A statement from RCW said it was with “great sadness” that they announced the death of their “beloved colleague”. Rogers, who was in her 70s, had a suspected heart attack

    01 May 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Michael Bhaskar

    Michael Bhaskar is Digital Publishing Director at Profile Books and Serpent's Tail and author of The Content Machine, a book exploring the past present and future of

    30 Apr 2014

  • Goodbye Earls Court, Hello Olympia!

    The London Book Fair 2015 (14-16 April) will take place in Olympia London London, Tuesday 8 April: ‘A river of ink’ leading up to the entrance to Earls Court Exhibition Centre will

    17 Apr 2014

  • Roger Tagholm's Review of the Week

    Roger Tagholm, 17 Apr 2014

    Life continued outside Earls Court of course, and saw some old favourites return to the headlines. The Google book scanning case had seemed to have gone away, replaced by

    17 Apr 2014

  • Roger Tagholm - 'Korea's Poetic Appeal'

    Former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion was at BAFTA on Piccadilly for the Market Focus reception with his Korean wife Kyeong-Soo Kim.  He edited an anthology

    10 Apr 2014

  • Roger Tagholm - An African Library in Earls Court

     Book Aid’s new Chairman, the Labour Peer Lord Boateng was giving ‘tours’ of the charity’s intriguing stand yesterday.  It was surely one of the best

    10 Apr 2014

  • Full house at Author HQ

    Roger Tagholm, 09 Apr 2014

    One of the sell-out events at the Author HQ was the session author contracts that saw new writers and prospective authors spilling out onto the walkway. Isobel Dixon of

    09 Apr 2014

  • Ishiguro praises Rogers

    Roger Tagholm, 09 Apr 2014

    Novelist Kazuo Ishiguro was fulsome in his praise of his agent, Deborah Rogers of Rogers, Coleridge & White, who received the Lifetime Achievement award in the

    09 Apr 2014

  • Zapping them @Gaming

    There’s no doubt that former adman Caspar Thykier talks a good app. The MD of Zappar, which specialises in augmented reality product and entertainment experiences,

    09 Apr 2014

  • The obvious house

    Roger Tagholm, 09 Apr 2014

    Well, only one publisher could acquire a new novel by the Indian author Sunny Singh that has just been pre-empted ahead of the fair. Detailing a terrorist

    09 Apr 2014

  • Horowitz shoots from the lip

    Roger Tagholm, 09 Apr 2014

    Publishers aren’t doing enough to recognise the possibilities of ebooks, bestselling author Anthony Horowitz said in his keynote address at Digital Minds. “There

    09 Apr 2014

  • Ancient and modern at Market Focus launch

    Roger Tagholm, 09 Apr 2014

    There was a fascinating and fabulous Market Focus launch at the Korean Cultural Centre (KCC), just off Trafalgar Square. It included a recital by the acclaimed

    09 Apr 2014

  • New Chinese PoD service on song

    Bob Song, Business Development Director at China Educational Publications Import and Export Corporation (CEPIEC), has a busy fair ahead. “We have 47 meetings

    09 Apr 2014

  • Hanban has all to play for

    Roger Tagholm, 09 Apr 2014

    With UK Prime Minister David Cameron keen on expanding the number of students studying Chinese – currently only some 3,000 sit GCSE Mandarin – the time couldn’t be

    09 Apr 2014


    US leads the way with three awards but new Malaysian publisher takes the trade publishing crown NEWS FOR RELEASE, LONDON, 8 APRIL 2014, 8pm: The winners of The

    09 Apr 2014

  • Roger Tagholm Highlights from Monday @ London Book and Screen Week

    Roger Tagholm, 08 Apr 2014

    New Chinese PoD service on song Bob Song, Business Development Director at China Educational Publications Import and Export Corporation (CEPIEC), has a busy fair ahead. “We have 47 meetings

    08 Apr 2014


    IMMEDIATE RELEASE Michael Palin will launch his own signature cocktail inspired by his travels to celebrate the opening of The London Book Fair’s literary

    06 Apr 2014


    Authors and readers across the world invited to vote and tweet their favourite Sir Terry Pratchett characters NEWS FOR RELEASE, LONDON, Monday 7 April 2014: To

    06 Apr 2014


    London, Thursday 10 April, 2014: As the Market Focus Korea 2014 programme draws to a close, The London Book Fair (LBF) and its UK partners, the British Council

    06 Apr 2014

  • 5 minutes with…Martin Preston.

    Martin Preston, now based in Korea, has worked in illustrated publishing since 1977 and is the former Group Publishing Director for Swedish multinational mail-order-publisher IMP. Also a new

    04 Apr 2014


    Tuesday 8th-Thursday 10th April 2014, Earls Court, London Author HQ is the place at The London Book Fair for established and aspiring authors and there is plenty on offer at

    04 Apr 2014

  • Roger Tagholm's Review of the Week

    It wasn’t Tim Waterstone’s fault of course.  He didn’t choose the picture.  But the Daily Telegraph piece which reported his speech at the Oxford Literary Festival in

    03 Apr 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Austin Macauley

    Based in London, Austin Macauley Publishers has established itself as an energetic and imaginative independent trade publisher. Their publications range

    02 Apr 2014

  • Fraud and Piracy

    Join ALPSP in April for a seminar to review the extent of fraud and piracy in publishing and discuss practical ways in which publishers and societies can

    02 Apr 2014


    Sol Campbell to launch Wii Golf Chairman's Challenge sponsored by West10 NEWS FOR RELEASE, LONDON, 2 April 2014: The London Book Fair (LBF) is delighted to announce it will

    02 Apr 2014

  • Harry Potter spin-off to be film series

    The new Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, is to be made into a film series, it has been revealed. Warner Brothers chief executive officer

    01 Apr 2014

  • HarperFiction pre-empts debut thriller

    The Bookseller, 31 Mar 2014

    HarperFiction has pre-empted a six-figure two-book deal with debut author Jax Miller on the eve of London Book Fair. Simon Trewin of WME agents sold UK & Commonwealth rights

    31 Mar 2014

  • What can books learn from TV? And the place where publishers meet Silicon Roundabout

    Storythings and IC Tomorrow talk innovation in publishing In this edition, what does Silicon Roundabout have to offer with publishers? And what can publishers

    31 Mar 2014

  • 5 minutes with...Charlie Harrington

    Charlie Harrington is the Director of Business Development at Knewton and is responsible for Knewton's international expansion throughout Europe, the Middle East

    28 Mar 2014

  • Verso announces e-book/print bundling venture

    Radical publisher Verso has unveiled a new e-commerce strategy, bundling DRM-free e-books with all print purchases made through its website. All new print

    28 Mar 2014

  • Authors in Pentonville books ban protest

    The Bookseller, 28 Mar 2014

    Writers including poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, Ruth Padel, Kathy Lette, David Hare, AL Kennedy and Tracy Chevalier are taking part in a protest today (Friday

    28 Mar 2014

  • MJ pre-empts two from Chase

    The Bookseller, 27 Mar 2014

    Michael Joseph has pre-empted two books by Eve Chase ahead of the London Book Fair.Publishing director Maxine Hitchcock bought UK and Commonwealth rights to

    27 Mar 2014

  • Interview with Kyung-sook Shin

    Roger Tagholm, 27 Mar 2014

    In many ways Kyung-sook Shin is the First Lady of Korean literature. Not only was she the first woman to win the Man Asia Literary Prize – for her 2011 novel Please Look After Mom –

    27 Mar 2014

  • Divergent tops e-book bestseller list

    Harpercollins' Divergent series of novels has topped e-book sales tables following the release of the movie adaptation. The books, written by Veronica Roth, took the top three

    27 Mar 2014

  • Divergent tops e-book bestseller list

    Harpercollins' Divergent series of novels has topped e-book sales tables following the release of the movie adaptation. The books, written by Veronica Roth, took the top three

    27 Mar 2014

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